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Summer 2016

Honors and Memorials

The APA Adoption Center gratefully acknowledges these special gifts of $50 and above from individuals, corporations and organizations received between April 7, 2016 and July 6, 2016. Multiple donations are recognized individually. Thank you for your generous gift to the animals! If you would like more information about these or other giving opportunities, please contact the Development Department at 314.645.4610.

Donations Made In Honor

All My Pets
Nancy Schoemaker
All my pets past, present and future
Susan K. Ryan
All my pets: past, present & future
Nancy Schoemaker
Rachel and Derek Rensing
Cash Claybaugh
Craig Claybaugh
Jack Dalton's 16th Birthday
Lowell E. Gutzler
Jo Ann Koch
Kinny- An APA Alum Kitty
Lindsay Roberts
Luke Picha
Nancy & Gerald Picha
Mike & Pat's 50th Wedding Anniversary, Congrats
Gayle McCormick
Mrs. McMullen's 7th Grade Class
Seiler Plastics Corporation
Mike & Kimberly Metzger
Suzanne & Lola
Kelli Dean
Sydney Henderson, Kylie Vanacek, Jeremiyah Dukes and Rachelle Hall
Carol House Furniture
Doug & Judy Dunphy
Tierney Sweeney
Sydney & Robb Hellwig
Zelly, Red and Doozer
Roberta Doebert

Donations Made In Memory

Brian Faerber
Laura Faerber
Kim Koenig
Alan & Dottye Akerson
Curt Barry
Martha Allen
Pam DiGuiseppe
Evelyn Bourisaw
Gregory Lowell Bennett
Don & Gail Detjen
Mary L. Kramer
Tom & Michele Beger
Jane A. Otto
Katy Damian-Bradley
Kristen Damian
Kitty-Kitty 2
David Benjamin
Lucky Doyle
Jo Ann Koch
Noel & Rita Moss
Maggie Peil
Jo Ann Koch
Michael Keith Dinyer
Robert Flynn
Midnight, who I adopted from the APA and who I miss everyday
Debbie Curcuru
Milton E. Litzsinger
Arden & Joan Fahning
Jean Light
Peter Ladley
Carmen L. Perkins
Ramasoon - 1965-1980
Richard Radford
Sammie Levitch
Krista Moulder
Shirley Bassett
William Coppel
Tiger & Nibbles - Sweet Sisters
Robin Ann & Richard Spence
Tom Lawless
Cyndi Newsome
Louis E. Ranzini
Willie Bass
James Bass

Make a Gift

Making a donation is a wonderful way to honor or remember a special friend, either person or pet. The APA Adoption Center offers naming opportunities and a plaque program for donors wishing to participate. For more information on these commemorative donations or other naming opportunities, please call Jessica at 314.645.4610 x 123.


Lobby Plaques

In Memory of Sherrie E. Bell, Devoted to Animal Causes, 1955 – 2013
David Benjamin


Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support of the 10th Trivia PAWsuit:

Polsinelli PC
Stonecrest Senior Living
Sandra & Joseph Lehrer