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Summer 2016


We Need Your Help!

With the kitten and puppy season in high gear, the APA has seen a significant jump in the number of animals we’re serving month over month. In June alone, we have seen a 66% increase in the number of pets we’ve cared for and gotten ready for their new, loving homes!

That means that we have many more mouths to feed, veterinary care to deliver and quality enrichment to provide – and, we need your help. Here are a few ways you can make a difference today:

  • Donate! The APA is 100% funded by the community and animal lovers like you. Your support goes directly to the care of our pets waiting to be adopted. Please make a gift to help us care for the many, many animals we will serve this summer.
  • Volunteer: All the dogs and cats in the Adoption Center benefit from not only the care of our staff, but a cadre of dedicated volunteers. With the growing numbers of pets to serve, we have ever more dishes to do and pets to keep happy and healthy. Do you have what it takes to help out? Find out here or keep reading to learn about a special back to school volunteer opportunity.
  • “Bone” up on your Trivia: APA will once again host its annual Trivia PAWsuit on Saturday, July 23rd. See the link below to get registered. All proceeds benefit the APA’s mission and impact on St. Louis people and pets.




Celebrate #10 with Art & Jennifer

For the 10th anniversary of Trivia PAWsuit, the APA is bringing a beloved St. Louis duo back together: Jennifer Blome and Art Holliday.

You are invited to enjoy this night full of wonderful, hilarious and entertaining surprises around every corner. You won’t want to miss the special guests and incredible prizes! Let’s just say Art has no idea what his animal-loving pal, Jennifer has got him into this time!

The evening will include 8 rounds of fun factoids and confounding questions and a silent auction with something for everyone. Proceeds from Trivia PAWsuit directly support the APA’s mission of bringing people and pets together.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Trivia PAWsuit and our celebrity hosts, our goal is to raise $30,000 to go towards the animals in our care, our education department and our innovative programs. We expect this event to sell out, so gather your friends and get some snacks together!

Plus, we have your chance to win a David Backes Blues jersey autographed by the entire playoff team! Purchase your raffle tickets for $25 and we will draw the winner at Trivia PAWsuit on July 23rd. There is also a Vladimir Tarasenko puck to go along with the jersey!

Purchase raffle tickets and reserve your table today: HERE

Saturday, July 23rd
Doors open at 6:00 pm. Trivia starts at 7:00 pm.
General Admission: Table for 8 with complimentary beverages (beer, soda, water) = $320
VIP Table: Table for 8 with complimentary beverages, including wine, plus premium location, table service and food = $600


Canine Carnival News

Before you know it, this 100 degree weather will be a thing of the past and it will officially be time to kick off the Fall season with the APA’s Canine Carnival. Mark your calendar for October 2nd and reserve your tickets HERE. Make sure to take advantage of our Early Bird pricing!



Meet A Young Friend

Young Friend Feature: Chris Doebert

Here at the APA we have always worked our hardest to fulfill our promise to the animals of St. Louis. Everything that we have achieved has been made possible by the help of genuine and compassionate individuals. This is why we are so honored and excited to welcome a new group of energetic pet lovers to our circle of supporters, the Young Friends of the APA.

Earlier this month we had a chance to ask one of our Young Friends a few questions about why he was inspired to join and give an introduction to our Young Friends Group!

Chris Doebert is a familiar face around the APA and is also one of the leaders spearheading the establishment of the new group. In the past, Chris worked as an employee at the APA for many years. Following his departure, Chris has been a dedicated volunteer, stepping in to assist us with many of our education and outreach events. One of the first things we wanted to know was Chris’ take on who the Young Friends are and what they are all about.

Tell us about your take on the Young Friends Group. What is it that you set out to do?
What the Young Friends of the APA ultimately aim to do is help the APA further its already enormous success in bringing people and pets together.  We bring fresh perspectives and ideas on their community outreach and shelter programs and an engaged community of young people to help see those ideas through.

Obviously we are doing something right to have fantastic volunteers like you. What inspires you to be involved?
I very strongly identify with the goals of the APA and how they are achieved, so I felt compelled to continue being involved after I left my employee role, helping them to improve community outreach through their education programs and shelter animal enrichment through their community events.

The education programs the APA offers helps thousands of children, and even some adults, to become more responsible and more informed with regard to not only the animals in their families, but all animals at large. It’s greatly fulfilling, and great fun, to be involved with the APA in both of those capacities, as well as now serving on the Young Friends Board.

So what are the Young Friends going to accomplish beyond what we do here, what is your mission?
The mission of the Young Friends of the APA, to me, is to serve as an integral link to an enormous pool of young people in the St. Louis area who want to contribute in a positive and tangible way to their communities.

In some ways our mission lines up very closely with the APA’s overall mission, but with a specific focus on engaging young individuals in St. Louis in a way that helps and encourages them to further the APA’s mission, and become more involved with the APA as a whole.

Well, thanks so much for making time for us Chris. We wish you and all of our Young Friends huge success. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!!

 To help introduce themselves to the St. Louis community, the Young Friends are offering a chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card. To enter, just give them a like on Facebook and sign up to receive more information about the group.




BOW WOW Volunteer Now

While the kids are busy with swimming and summer camps, the APA’s Humane Education Department is gearing up for the new school year. Our service learning project, BOW WOW VOLUNTEER NOW, wants to come to your neighborhood school.

What do we do? We teach students, ages 4-14, about the needs of our APA animals. We coach kids to connect with their community. We inspire students to work together and solve problems. Kids get excited about animals and BOW WOW VOLUNTEER NOW is a blast!

Students compete in teams to collect donations for the APA. We need so many things that you can find around the house, like old towels, bleach, dish scrubbers and sponges. Guess how many dog bowls we wash every day? A LOT. (Our dogs and cats are great, but they don’t do dishes). We need paper towels, leashes and collars, dog beds and toys. Students at the Ladue Fifth Grade Center did chores for their parents (who can complain about that?) to earn money. Seventh graders at Washington Middle schools wrote letters to friends and family, asking for donations for our animals. Our friends at Mark Twain Elementary made no-sew fleece cat beds for us. And a group of Girl Scouts at Hudson Elementary had a Popsicle sale. The choices are endless.

Our APA volunteer teams visit schools with their dogs to engage students in cooperative learning. We also invite classes to visit the APA Adoption Center to get a behind-the-scenes look at what we do on a daily basis to care for our dogs and cats (and rabbits and guinea pigs). We can present to large groups or small.

BOW WOW VOLUNTEER NOW is a great way to get the whole school involved. Students learn skills they can take outside of the classroom. They learn how dogs and cats communicate, what their body language means and how to stay safe around stray animals. Students learn how to take action to help. They learn each one of us can make a difference.

How can you help? If you know a principal or teacher, have them email Jennifer. We’d love to bring BOW WOW VOLUNTEER NOW to more schools this year. It’s a service learning project that teaches children about the value of community, teamwork and the incredible power of the human/animal bond to make this world a better place.

To schedule, contact

Bunnie & Wayne

Mary Helen

Double Happy Tail: Laverne & Shirley

Laverne and Shirley, red-headed littermates, were found wandering along Highway 44 in the city.

A Good Samaritan picked the girls up and brought them to the APA. We took them in and checked them out to find they were covered in pepper spray, had scars on their faces, broken teeth and jaundice. Even though they were in pretty bad condition, their spirits were not damaged. The pair were extremely happy and friendly with everyone they met while getting treated.

When they were finally ready for adoption, the APA volunteers and staff were excited to find them loving homes. One day, Shirley went with us to an Adoption Event in Washington, MO. We had just settled in and were letting the dogs sniff around when Bunnie and Her husband Wayne, came walking up. Shirley, who had been focused on taking in the smells and paying zero attention to the humans, walked directly up to Wayne and started wagging her tail. She knew there was something special about this couple. Bunnie and Wayne wanted to walk around to check things out and think about Shirley for a bit. Shirley went back to scoping out the place.

Within ten minutes, the couple walked up to the APA table and said, “We’ll take her!” Now, these two recently had put their elderly dog to sleep and were not quite looking for another companion in their home, as they were still mourning. But, there was something about the way Shirley looked at Wayne that they decided they couldn’t pass her up.

Shirley was named Goshe, which is the Apache word for dog. She is digging her new digs and loves laying in the backyard with her sister, Maelyng. She has her own designated couch where she naps when she isn’t pretending to be a lap dog and climbing into Wayne’s chair.

Laverne’s story ends just as happily, but it took a little longer to get to that happy place. Laverne was as happy as Shirley to be loved and pet on while getting the right treatment, but she was more shy when it came to meeting new people. After her sister was adopted, Laverne got to visit with a fair share of potential adopters. None seemed to be the right fit for her until one weekend when she found a perfect family to make her own.

Laverne and Shirley (Goshe) came to us after a traumatic experience but their faith in good people never wavered. They knew they were destined for great homes, filled with love. They finally decided to take matters into her own paws and pick people who would fit with them.