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Fall 2016


3 Things To Know About Canine Carnival

There are a few new elements for the APA’s annual Canine Carnival. Here’s a list of the top 3 things to stay in the know:

    1. Each guest must purchase a ticket in order to enter the Carnival. Guests will show the ticket at Registration and receive a wristband. A wristband grants access to play unlimited games and enjoy all the festivities for the entire day. (No individual game tickets to mess with!) Guests 12 and under are free. Purchase your ticket here: TICKETS
    2. YOU get to choose this year’s Canine King & Queen. Vote by donating to your favorite nominee. 1 vote = $1. You can also nominate your own pet before September 25th.
    3. The details, of course! Sunday, October 2nd. 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. Tilles Park, 9551 Litzsinger Rd. Friendly dogs, who are up to date on vaccinations and on leash, are welcome to join in the fun!

We hope to see you and your dog there to celebrate the special bond between people and pets. Proceeds help homeless animals stay happy and healthy, while waiting for new, loving homes.




Aye, Chihuahuas!

One Thursday afternoon in August, the APA received a call and like most calls we receive, the caller was looking for a little help with her current situation. This particular caller was on her way to our Adoption Center with her Chihuahuas in tow. She arrived around 4:45 pm in a pickup truck. The truck’s cab was filled with dozens of Chihuahuas, roaming freely.

Our Animal Care staff got right to work and helped her unload Chihuahua after Chihuahua. The assembly line took the dogs from the truck, into our facility to check them out, process them by getting their name, age, gender, etc. and finding them a temporary home for the night. They did this 23 times.

The Chihuahuas came in all shapes and sizes: tan, tri-color, long-hair, 3 week old puppies. A few were friendly and allowed the staff to approach them, but the majority of the dogs were extremely frightened and unsocialized. Our trained staff went slow with the dogs and checked them over carefully. They gave them food, water and cozy beds for the night and housed them with their littermates or moms.

The Chihuahuas settled in and in the morning, it was time for more work to help these tiny dogs. They hadn’t come from the best of situations and nearly all of them were flea-ridden. Some were anemic, due to the flea-infestation. Into the bath they went, followed by the flea combs, carefully and ever so gently, ridding their coats of the miniscule fleas, one by one. Coincidentally, this care and grooming helped the dogs get accustomed to being handled and they slowly realized it was a good experience when people approached them. The treats probably helped too!

Soon after they were clean and flea-free, Facebook posts and phone calls were made to our steadfast volunteers, Chihuahua enthusiasts and specialized rescue groups, looking for foster homes for the mommas with puppies and those who would need additional work on their social skills. We treated the puppies internally for Parvovirus. A couple of shy ones spent their time in our back offices, getting used to their new surroundings and to people milling about. Within a few days, they were skipping through the hallway, jumping up on desks, playing with toys and other dogs and giving miniature kisses to anyone they met. They were finally comfortable in their own skin and their true character was able to shine through.

The few who were ready to be adopted were put on our surgery schedule to get spayed/neutered and microchipped. Within a couple days, they were ready for new homes and that didn’t take long to find. People instantly fell in love with the Chihuahuas and scooped them up to welcome them into loving, caring homes.

At this time, 9 of the Chihuahuas have already been adopted to caring families and the others will as well, as soon as they are old enough to get spayed and neutered. 6 of the Chihuahuas went to our partner shelters in Warrenton and Belleville to get adopted. These little dogs are a great example of the service the APA provides to a community in need. We are a resource to call upon when all else has failed or when there seems to be no other hope. 23 lives were changed for the better and 23 homes have been touched by these cute dogs, who are full of personality, ready to play and ready to love. They just needed a little bit of TLC and some extra time to break out of their shells to expose their true identities and we were happy to assist them with that task.

If you are able to help us care for the Chihuahuas still in our care, plus the many more phone calls we will surely receive, please consider making a DONATION to the APA.


Gotcha Day!

Do you know what a Gotcha Day is? Do you celebrate your pet’s Gotcha Day?

When adopting a pet from an Adoption Center, families don’t always know their new pet’s actual date of birth. Many instead will celebrate the day their pet joined the family, otherwise known as a Gotcha Day! This a great day to remember the excitement of bringing a new pet home and reflect on all the happiness your pet has brought into your life.

We have a few ideas to help you celebrate your pet’s Gotcha Day and pay it forward to pets who are still waiting for their own Gotcha Day.

  • Make a donation in honor of your pet. Donations of $75 or more to the APA will be recognized with a tag for your pet to hang on our dog house for one year. The tag will be returned to you on your pet’s next Gotcha Day as a keepsake!
  • Host a Gotcha Day Party for your Pet. To pay it forward, ask your guests to bring gifts from the APA’s Wish List to the party!
  • Give a gift to another homeless dog from our Amazon Wish List.

We hope your pet has an amazing Gotcha Day! If you don’t remember your pet’s Gotcha Day, feel free to contact the Adoption Center to find out!











A Day in the Life

Each day at the APA is action-packed and no two days are the same. A lot of people wonder what our dogs and cats do day in and day out while they are with us at the Adoption Center. Here is a glimpse into a day in the life of an APA dog:

All is calm and quiet when I wake up to the sunlight peeking its way through the window. It’s about that time…the lights come on and the sound of welcoming barks ensures no one is still sleeping! This wakeup call means the girls (our Animal Care Technicians) are here and it is time to start our day. My tail is wagging vigorously. I am so excited to see them!

I hear, “Hi, Sherman!” and I know it is my turn. One of my favorite people in the whole world opens my door, slips a leash on and off we go! She lets me lead because she knows I’m in a hurry. Once we are out in the yard, I do my business and stretch my legs. My friend calls me over and we share early morning kisses and snuggles. She gives me pats and tells me I’m a good dog and that I will find a home soon.

When we head back inside, I find my kennel has been cleaned and my breakfast is waiting for me. I scarf down my delicious chicken and rice recipe, (provided by our friends at Purina). Now, I’ll settle in for a post-breakfast nap in my cozy bed.

Before I know it, another friendly face (an APA volunteer) arrives at my door. She slips a leash on me and away we go, out to the Dog Park out back. She lets me off the leash and I run from one end of the yard to the other, back and forth. She calls me over and I run happily to her. She says, “Sit” and I put my butt on the ground and she gives me a treat. She then holds out her hand and says, “Paw,” so I put my paw in hers and I get another treat! This is easy stuff that I learned in my PRAISE classes here at the APA. The humans ask a command and I do it and get treats! It is really fantastic stuff. These people love giving treats!

After I’ve gotten my fair share of belly rubs, we head back into the A/C so my new friend can give belly rubs to the other dogs. I lap up some water and get to work on this toy filled with this delightful, creamy butter stuff. This may take me a while.

Throughout the day, I see people walking by my kennel. Sometimes the humans stop and point and most times they smile and say hello to me. I jump out of my bed to greet them and wag my tail. Maybe they would like to take me on a walk too?

Then, I hear my name called over the intercom, “Sherman to the front for a visit!” That’s me! I wonder what they are calling me for. One of my girls brings me to a room where a couple humans are sitting on a bench. I remember them! They just visited me and were laughing at me when I squeezed up against the door to get closer to them. I run over to them and greet them with a wagging tail and sloppy kisses. One of them throws the ball for me and I catch it and bring it back to him. I love this game! We play this ball game and in between throws, the humans pet me and scratch my ears, which feels very nice. I can tell that they like me, and I sure do like them!

They ask my girl some questions and I know they are talking about me and figuring out if I would be a good fit for them. They learn that I am a very active dog in need of exercise and attention, especially since I am a youngster. They say they are going to go home and think about it. Not sure what they are going to think about, but I could definitely go to their home and help them think!

We leave the room and go our separate ways. I do hope I will see those fun people again soon! I fall asleep again, dreaming of playing the ball game with the new friends I just made. I awaken to the sweet sounds of the food scoop. Dinner time! More of that chicken and rice recipe is delivered to my door, and just in time. I was getting hungry! After dinner it’s time for a walk with another kind human. We play ball and run around the yard for a while. I take care of business and then I’m ready to go back inside.

It’s been an active day for me, with all the visitors and ball playing. The others seem to be quieting down around me to, now that it’s late afternoon. Soon, I see the girls walking by. They are doing their final checks before they tuck us in for the night. They hand out fresh blankets and toys and make sure we have plenty of water for the night. Then, it is lights out for the night. Don’t worry, girls, we will keep the place safe while you are away.

Today was a fun day, maybe tomorrow I will go on a play group with one of my dog friends. I do like chasing Bo around. Or maybe my new visitors will come back soon, but until then, I know the people here will keep me safe and sound!


Share your story of love!

Exciting news! The APA Adoption Center has a chance to win $100,000, but we need your help!

The Petco Foundation, in partnership with Petco, will be granting Holiday Wishes in the form of more than $750,000 in grant awards to qualified animal welfare organizations. This contest is designed to help animal welfare organizations save more lives during the holidays and year round.

What do we need from you? It’s simple: share your story of love! The Petco Foundation wants to know how the love of your adopted pet has changed your life for the better.

If you’ve ever shared your life with a pet, you know: love changes everything. It changes your mornings. It changes your routine. It changes your perspective. Tell the Petco Foundation how your pet brings more joy to your life each day, and how their love changed your life, big or small, and made it better.

If your story is selected, the APA will win up to $100,000 and your pet will win up to a $1,000 Petco gift card! The deadline to submit your story and nominate the APA for a Holiday Wishes grant is October 15, 2016, at 11:59 p.m. CST. Only the first 10,000 submissions are guaranteed to be considered, so please visit Holiday Wishes to get started ASAP. The winnings will be announced in December.

So, if you adopted your pet from the APA, please consider submitting your story (500 words max) along with photos and/or video of your pet. Be sure to talk about how your pet has changed your life and how we helped you find each other!

Also, be sure to include the contact information below on your submission form to ensure that we can respond to the Petco Foundation if your story is selected as a finalist!

  • Animal Protective Association of Missouri
  • Stacey Switzer
  • 314-645-4610 x112

Thank you for your support!