Love Your Pets. Take Good Care of Them.

After adopting a pet, make sure they get the attention they deserve.

The APA Adoption Center has two very important jobs to do to help kids and animals. The first is to help you find the perfect pet to share your life and be your friend. Some of you may have already adopted a cat or dog from the APA Adoption Center. We invite you all to come in to visit and meet the wonderful animals waiting for their new families.

The other job is to help kids learn to take good care of their pets, to help you learn more about animals and discover why they make our world a better place. Our staff and volunteers visit schools giving animal presentations – other classes take field trips to the APA Adoption Center to see the animals and learn how we take care of them.

We would like to make this website a place where you can come to learn. Here are some articles about keeping you and your pets safe.

Don’t Let Your Cat or Dog Become a Stray!
Play It Safe with Dogs
Make it a Safe Summer for Your Pet
Keep Pets Out of Cars in Warm Weather
What Is Your Pet Telling You?

Some of these tips were found in a newspaper especially for kids called KIND News. It has articles, games and other activities about animals. You can read a copy of the paper online at KIND News.