One-on-one with Your Pet

The bond between owner and pet is a special one. Check out the articles below for a more personal perspective on the issues you both face.

The Advantages of Adopting a Senior Dog
Grieving the Loss of a Pet
A Few Words About I.D.
St. Louis Dog Parks
New Clinic Hours
Donate Your Used Cell Phones to the APA

Pets and Kids

Adoption is just the beginning. Learn how to take care of your new friend and keep them safe.

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We’ll Learn Together

Whether it’s at our place, your place, or one of our partner locations, sign up for classes on topics such as safety with animals and animal welfare.

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Celebrate Their Birthday at the APA

Does your child love animals? Make the big day special with a celebration like no other!

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How We Reach Out to the Community

Find out about the top issues in animal advocacy and how you can help.

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