Bringing People and Pets Together in Paradise

By: | December 23, 2019

The APA team is passionate about animals and their dedication is inspirational. Just as I write this I’ve witnessed happy adoptions, animals coming in who need us, staff excited about a new program, volunteers walking dogs, and fosters taking animals into their home. So, it came as no surprise when an employee asked if she could help an animal while on vacation.

When Megan, a part-time adoption counselor, planned her trip to Puerto Rico she knew she could combine her love of travel and rescue pets. Puerto Rico has thousands of street dogs and is challenged by pet overpopulation. The shelters are full and there are not enough adoptive homes. Megan learned about people bringing adoptable dogs off the island and contacted a rescue there. She learned about a puppy named Hope who had been thrown in the trash. Another small dog named Homer was also ready for transfer.

After a few days of fun in the sun, hiking, and sightseeing, Megan and her friend loaded up the best possible souvenirs and headed home. Hope and Homer did great on their flight to St. Louis and in their foster home. They are happy dogs and have been given an amazing second chance.

The APA prioritizes animals in our community and Missouri, but were happy to help these two dogs and support one of our employees.