Breed Specific Legislation

By: | January 15, 2015

The APA Adoption Center’s statement on breed specific legislation:

PitThe APA does not feel that the banning of any specific breed of dog solves the problems that the community is trying to address. City Councils around the country that discuss the topic of Breed Specific Legislation must be “results-oriented”. What is the result the city is trying to accomplish?

The answer of most city councils is that they want to reduce the number of dog bites and dangerous dogs in their municipality. The banning of specific breeds does not accomplish this, as thus is not a “results-oriented” approach.

Studies have shown that the largest number of dog attacks come from un-altered males that are tethered or chained.

The APA supports laws that would prohibit tethering and laws that would require the spay or neuter of all companion animals. The city should pass a dangerous dog ordinance that is enforceable and strict. If the city truly wants to reduce the number of dog bites and attacks, history has proven banning is not the answer.