Animal Statistics

At the APA, we work hard to find homes for every adoptable pet, no matter how long it takes. We are proud to say the average length of stay for a pet is less than one week once available for adoption.

In 2018, our live release rate was 93%. Our live release rate is calculated by live outcomes divided by all outcomes. Live outcomes includes adoptions, return to owner, TNR*, and transfers for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals. That number is divided by all outcomes which includes those who died in care or were euthanized.

We all want the best for animals in need, however, there are times when euthanasia is a necessary outcome. At the APA, we believe in socially conscious animal sheltering. We only euthanize in situations where an animal is suffering and cannot medically be treated, or when an animal is not community-compatible, meaning they could severely harm another person or pet. Before a euthanasia decision is made, there are several levels of decision-making and evaluations completed to ensure this is the right decision for both the animal and the community. We also sometimes have newborn or sick animals who die in our care, despite our best efforts. While there is a small percentage we cannot help, we focus on the thousands of animals we can save every year.

2018 Animal Statistics

Intake: 4,369
Dogs: 2,582
Cats: 1,710
Other: 77

Live Outcomes: 4,077
Adoption: 3,765
Return to Owner: 182
Return to Source: 74
Trap, Neuter, and Return of feral/community cats (TNR): 11 
Transfer: 45

Other Outcomes: 335
Died: 94
Euthanasia: 241