Holiday Puppy-Grams

By: | December 20, 2018

Holiday Puppy-Grams

This holiday season we’re offering the gift of joy that pets bring. If your loved one adores animals and is in a senior living community, holiday Puppy-Grams are a unique and thoughtful gift.

Here’s how Puppy–Grams work:

1. Contact the APA to request your Puppy-Gram visit. Scheduling availability is first come-first served. Each Puppy-Gram is $100 and 100% of proceeds will help the animals at the APA Adoption Center. So, not only will you be giving a very special gift, you will be helping animals, too!

2. Pet visits can be puppies, small dogs, or kittens. Please have your first and second choice ready at the time of booking. On the scheduled day, a member of the APA team will arrive with an adorable ball of fluff. Your loved one will receive 15 minutes of cuddles and pet therapy. A few minor details: To qualify, the recipient must reside at a senior living community within 15 miles of our Brentwood, MO Adoption Center. We’ll also need confirmation that it’s okay for a pet to come inside the senior living community. You must make sure your loved one will be present on the day of delivery, as only one delivery attempt will be made. Our team will bring all necessary supplies and all pets are up to date on vaccinations.

To schedule call 314-645-4610 or email

Scudder’s Story

By: | December 3, 2018

Scudder was thrown from a car near the airport, discarded like trash. Malnourished and mistreated, he arrived at the Adoption Center scared, hurt, and in need of TLC. He had burns on his neck and back that appeared intentional. He was in pain, but his spirit was not broken. Although he had every reason to give up on humans, he still believed in the goodness of others – he just needed someone to show him that things could be okay. Our staff happily obliged – helping this sweet, lost boy get the dose of kindness and care he needed. We started with a safe space to sleep and good food. When he began to trust us, we gently bathed him, taking special care around the open wounds along his body. He was given medications to help him heal and prevent infection, as well as vaccinations to keep him healthy. With the help of a foster home, he learned what it meant to be a pet and play with other dogs. When he was ready to find a home of his own, he was neutered and made available for adoption. 

While Scudder waited for his new home, we tried to make him feel right at home with us. With a private studio apartment and cozy bed, Scudder waited patiently for the right family. Luckily, they arrived right on time.

Colin had lost his best friend and “king” of the house, Simba, in August of this year. We all know what a devastating loss that can be – the house feels empty with no one to greet you at the door and make your day brighter. It was no different for Colin. 

Although convinced he wasn’t ready, his partner, Paige, kept a watchful eye on the APA’s adoption website. Despite his protests, she knew Colin was hurting from the loss of his beloved friend, but that his heart would open when the right dog came along. Lo and behold, one day an adorable (and grizzled) face popped up and Paige knew – this was the one. After a visit to the APA “just to meet him” it turned about to be a perfect homecoming for everyone. Colin met with our dedicated adoption counselors who told him Scudder’s story and they knew immediately it was a match. While no pet ever replaces another, their friendship can help us heal just a little, day by day. And so it was. With a new name and lots of love, Scudder (now Chance) has a well-deserved home for the holidays.