Enrichment does a Doggie Good

By: | April 7, 2017

The APA has been busy the past six months developing three new enrichment programs: Doggie Dates, Group Play Sessions and Feline Enrichment. These programs were all designed to enhance our pets’ lives while they’re waiting to find their forever homes.

Doggie Dates, our newest enrichment program, allows trained dog walkers to “check out” a dog from our Adoption Center to go on an offsite outing. Dogs that participate in this program get to spend two hours with their favorite volunteer. Most often the outings consist of hiking in a park, visiting local pet stores and sometimes they even get to enjoy a special lunch date at a local pet friendly patio.

Staff receive valuable feedback about the dog after each outing such as how the dog does during car rides and how well they walk on a leash while out enjoying nature. We have found that even our perkiest pup will be ready for a nap by the end of their Doggie Date.

Group Play Sessions are another way our dogs get to enjoy their stay at our Adoption Center. Staff will coordinate play groups based on style of play, age and energy level. Once a play group is established, volunteers are able to supervise the sessions which typically last around twenty minutes. These short play sessions are equal to two hours of being walked individually on a leash.

The APA also keeps our frisky feline friends in mind when it comes to enrichment. We have a cat program that was recently created to help keep our cool cats careless and stress free. During cat enrichment, volunteers participate in a number of activities to benefit the felines in our care. It could be something as simple as playing cat friendly music, interactive toys or even just giving out fresh catnip. Volunteers learn each cats’ likes and dislikes and then pass that information along to potential adopters.

If you are interested in becoming an APA volunteer, please visit our website to fill out a volunteer application. No time to volunteer but still interested in helping the pets in our care? No problem! Consider donating an enrichment toy. You can shop our Amazon wish list and have the toy shipped directly to us! The dogs and cats thank you in advance