Young Friend Feature: Chris Doebert

By: | June 20, 2016


Here at the APA we have always worked our hardest to fulfill our promise to the animals of St. Louis. Everything that we have achieved has been made possible by the help of genuine and compassionate individuals. This is why we are so honored and excited to welcome a new group of energetic pet lovers to our circle of supporters, the Young Friends of the APA.

Earlier this month we had a chance to ask one of our Young Friends a few questions about why he was inspired to join and give an introduction to our Young Friends Group!

Chris Doebert is a familiar face around the APA and is also one of the leaders spearheading the establishment of the new group. In the past, Chris worked as an employee at the APA for many years. Following his departure, Chris has been a dedicated volunteer, stepping in to assist us with many of our education and outreach events. One of the first things we wanted to know was Chris’ take on who the Young Friends are and what they are all about.


Tell us about your take on the Young Friends Group. What is it that you set out to do?
What the Young Friends of the APA ultimately aim to do is help the APA further its already enormous success in bringing people and pets together.  We bring fresh perspectives and ideas on their community outreach and shelter programs and an engaged community of young people to help see those ideas through.


Obviously we are doing something right to have fantastic volunteers like you. What inspires you to be involved?
I very strongly identify with the goals of the APA and how they are achieved, so I felt compelled to continue being involved after I left my employee role, helping them to improve community outreach through their education programs and shelter animal enrichment through their community events.

The education programs the APA offers helps thousands of children, and even some adults, to become more responsible and more informed with regard to not only the animals in their families, but all animals at large. It’s greatly fulfilling, and great fun, to be involved with the APA in both of those capacities, as well as now serving on the Young Friends Board.


So what are the Young Friends going to accomplish beyond what we do here, what is your mission?
The mission of the Young Friends of the APA, to me, is to serve as an integral link to an enormous pool of young people in the St. Louis area who want to contribute in a positive and tangible way to their communities.

In some ways our mission lines up very closely with the APA’s overall mission, but with a specific focus on engaging young individuals in St. Louis in a way that helps and encourages them to further the APA’s mission, and become more involved with the APA as a whole.


Well, thanks so much for making time for us Chris. We wish you and all of our Young Friends huge success. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!!


To help introduce themselves to the St. Louis community, the Young Friends are offering a chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card. To enter, just give them a like at and sign up to receive more information about the group.